Semper Invicta

Creators of high-protection, comfortable, refined and discreet equipment

Bulletproof vests, cut-resistant sweaters, ParaPactums, plate carriers, inserts...

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Founded in 2021, the idea for the French company Semper Invicta was born out of the success and acclaim of the ParaPactum, a protective weapon with the outward appearance of a luxury umbrella and an unprecedented worldwide first. Approved by the French Presidential Protection Unit (GSPR), this anti-aggression product was conceived and designed by the Manufacture de Parapluies de Cherbourg.

With a richness of expertise marrying tradition and innovation, Charles Yvon, President of Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, sought to develop a range of self-defense products in the same mold as the ParaPactum: discreet, elegant and highly resistant.

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Driven by the belief that anti-aggression equipment could be protective, elegant and discreet, Charles Yvon joined forces with Tricots Saint-James, a key figure in French fashion, as well as Pangolin Défense for the co-development of products.

Today, Semper Invicta offers a line of accessories and clothing dedicated to the protection and self-defense of anyone susceptible to the risk of armed violence. Rigorously tested to the extreme, Semper Invicta products are comfortable and minimalist.


Semper Invicta sells protective clothing and accessories.

Bulletproof vests, cut-resistant sweaters, neck warmers, firefighter sweaters, undershirts, sweaters with attachment systems, tactical bulletproof vests with central openings, discreet bulletproof vests with side closures, soft inserts, ballistic plates, bulletproof ParaPactums...

Made in France, this range of high-tech protective equipment is intended for the armed forces, firefighters, high-ranking figures as well as security services of the ministry, reporters and anyone susceptible to the risk of armed violence.