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Accessories and clothing that are both technical and elegant, based on unique expertise in personal protection.

The fruit of extensive laboratory testing and innovative R&D, Semper Invicta accessories and garments are designed to meet the realities on the ground.

Our products are certified to ISO 13997, KR1 and NIJ standards, and are as minimalist as they are comfortable. Because there's no compromise between safety and style, our products are discreet and elegant.


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The ParaPactum range

ParaPactum is a defensive weapon with the look of a luxury umbrella. Compact, strong and easy to deploy, it's the only product of its kind in the world. Extremely tested, its resistance to all tests has made it the protection device of choice for high-profile personalities.

Validated and adopted by the GSPR (Security Group of the French Presidency), the ParaPactum can be used to repel crowds, keep potential assailants at a distance, ward off throws of dangerous objects, evacuate people discreetly and protect the image of VIPs. Available in a bulletproof version, it also protects against firearms (NIJ IIA), making it the world's first bulletproof umbrella.

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Slash resistant range

The slash resistant sweater is your daily ally against knife and sharp-edged object lacerations. Knitted in a flexible, laceration-resistant knit, this sweater offers excellent protection for all security, law enforcement and private professionals.

Featuring double-sided knitting, the sweater is slash resistant yet discreet, elegant and lightweight. Available in round neck, V-neck, turtleneck and zip-up cardigan.

It can be customized for different professions: firefighters, Ministry of the Interior, etc. The range also includes undershirts and chokers.

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Bulletproof sweater

For even greater protection, we've developed a shoulder attachment system that allows the addition of NIJ IIIA ballistic packs or KR1 anti-perforation packs.

The sweater's direct fastening system ensures protection and discretion. What's more, once you've arrived in a safe place, you can discard the pack and keep the sweater. A comfortable, lightweight and elegant piece.

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Bulletproof down vest

The bullet-proof down vest offers discreet protection. Lightweight and comfortable, it provides protection against weapons up to 44 magnum (NIJ IIIA), knife puncture resistance up to 36 joules (KR1) and even chemical aggression. Both technical and aesthetic, our bulletproof down jackets offer maximum comfort and are available in 3 colors.

Ten-year warranty on ballistic performance.

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Bulletproof vests and plate carriers

Bullet-proof vests are a must-have safety item. Together with a badge holder, they are essential protection for law enforcement officers, and can also be worn by certain celebrities and journalists.

This equipment guarantees the safety of all those who need it: law enforcement officers, public figures, bodyguards...

Whether you opt for a discreet side-zip vest or a tactical center-zip vest, there are several options to choose from.

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Bulletproof backpack

After its discreet clothing, Semper Invicta innovates by adding a multifunctional accessory to its range. This practical, lightweight backpack features a back pocket into which a ballistic insert can be inserted. In addition to its technical properties, this backpack has all the features needed to fulfill its initial role.
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ISO 13997
Joules 36
NIJ 2A - 3A - 3+
Logo indicating that Semper Invicta products are made in France Made in France

Underneath its elegant, comfortable appearance, the Semper Invicta clothing range benefits from the highly technical nature of equipment designed for the security-defense sector.

Highly resistant, Semper Invicta garments have undergone extensive laboratory testing before receiving ISO 13997 certification.