Do slash resistant sweaters protect against perforation?

No, there is currently no stabproof protection flexible enough for this. However, we do offer down jackets and backpacks that can contain stab-resistant inserts tested to HOSDB KR1 and NIJ 0115 STAB standards.

Find out more about stab protection on our page Safety and certifications.

How do I wash my Semper Invicta equipment?

The entire slash resistant range, as well as down jackets and backpacks, can be machine-washed at 30°C. Ballistic and stab resistant inserts can be cleaned by hand with a soft damp cloth.

ParaPactum can be cleaned by hand with a little water and a soft cloth.

What calibers do ballistic protection protect against?

Our products protect the following calibres fired from handguns and machine pistols:

NIJ 2A (Bulletproof ParaPactum) ➡️ 9 mm and .40 S&W
NIJ 3A ➡️ 9 mm, 38 special, 45 ACP, 357 mag, 44 mag.

Find out more about bullet-proof protection on our page Safety & Certifications.

What are the product prices?

You can find product prices in our online store, or contact us using the contact form if you have a special request.

Prices are given excluding tax (HT), in euros (€) and per unit. Semper Invicta offers degressive prices starting from a certain purchase quantity.

where can I see product demonstrations?

Product properties are demonstrated in videos on our YouTube channel.

Do these products protect against fire?

ParaPactum can protect against fire for a few seconds if used as a shield.

The slash-resistant range, on the other hand, must not be exposed to excessive heat, as the polyethylene could melt on the wearer's skin and cause serious damage.


Both indicate that the product has anti-perforation properties. The term "STAB" means that the product has been tested to NIJ 0115 levels E1 (24 joules) and E2 (36 joules). Our STAB protections are generally NIJ 3A as well.

The term "KR1" means that the product has been tested to the HOSDB KR1 standard at levels E1 (24 joules) and E2 (36 joules). The differences lie in the awarding body: HOSDB is British, while NIJ is North American.

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