Made in France with uncompromising quality and expertise, Semper Invicta products are dedicated to personal protection.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Semper Invicta has one single purpose: using innovation in the service of protection.

After three years of rigorous laboratory tests, the French company has conceived and designed innovative technical products that are still entirely unique on the security and protection market. Products like cut-resistant protective gear and bulletproof technology were designed for maximum comfort and built to withstand any challenge. The fruit of an innovative and meticulous R&D department, Semper Invicta products were made to perform on the ground and in the field.


Semper Invicta distributes products co-developed with companies renowned for their expertise.

  • Tricots Saint-James, for their century of expertise in flat knitting, as well as the elegance and quality of their knits and fabrics. 
  • Pangolin Défense, with its well-earned reputation for the lightest and most flexible ballistic protection on the market. 
  • Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, for their unrivalled expertise in the manufacture of our flagship product, the ParaPactum. 

Joint developments with these experts in their field are a guarantee of quality, excellence and sustainability.


Our products are made in France by living heritage companies (EPVs).

French know-how and living heritage company logo

They help preserve jobs in our companies. In our view, relocation is essential to the sustainability of the national economy and the preservation of excellent know-how. Fabriqué en France is associated with a number of values: quality, of course, but also guaranteed production conditions, safety and trust.

At a time when consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, responsible production is an undeniable factor of choice.


Our aim is to offer products that are as close as possible to the customer's needs, and we listen as much as necessary.

Our aim is to provide the best possible protection with the utmost discretion. That's why we've designed our products around the perfect combination of technical expertise, know-how and elegance.

Our products are based on everyday classics, but offer additional protection for the user.